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Disputes with Physicians

Do You Have Dispute with Your Physician?

If you have a dispute with a physician over fees, insurance, or ethics/conduct, if that physician is a member of the SMCMA, you can opt to have your dispute reviewed by one of SMCMA’s peer review committees. Please note, all recommendations by SMCMA peer review committees are advisory only. We cannot review your complaint if a lawsuit has been undertaken or if it involves a Workers’ Compensation matter.

SMCMA Peer Review Request Form

Making a Complaint to the Medical Board of California

While the SMCMA will attempt to mediate this dispute, it has no authority to take action against a physician’s license. The Medical Board of California is the only authority in the state that may take disciplinary action against the license of the physician who is the subject of your complaint.

The toll-free number of the Medical Board is 1-800/633-2322, and the Medical Board is located at 1426 Howe Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95825-3236.

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