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Dr. Uli Chettipally Receives 2023 Distinguished Service Award

Uli Chettipally, MD, MPH was selected as the 2023 recipient of the San Mateo County Medical Association’s Distinguished Service Award for his work in creating a platform for physicians to explore their entrepreneurial spirit and collaborate with private enterprise to develop innovative products that elevate the profession of medicine. Dr. Chettipally was recognized and accepted his award during SMCMA’s Annual Meeting of the Members on December 21, 2023.

Dr. Chettipally has worked tirelessly to connect physicians and other healthcare professionals with technology entrepreneurs to elevate the profession of medicine through innovative product development. His book, "Punish the Machine! The Promise of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare" speaks to utilization of technology to deliver real-time predictive analytics at the point of care. Dr. Chettipally also served as SMCMA President from 2021-22, providing leadership and direction to the association during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Chettipally is an accomplished Emergency Room Physician, author, and an innovative, disruptive entrepreneur. His work as the Chairman of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SOPE) and Founder of InnovatorMD provides a community for physician entrepreneurs and private enterprise to share a technology platform to develop new, innovative products that elevate the practice of medicine and the entire healthcare sector.

The Distinguished Service Award is SMCMA’s highest honor and has been awarded since 1997 to recognize local physicians who exemplify the medical profession’s highest values: commitment to service, community involvement, leadership, and dedication to patient care. Past DSA recipients include:

    1997 – William L. Schwartz, MD                1998 – Marvin L. A. Auerback, MD    1999 – George H. Koenig, MD
    2000 – Philip Bernstein, MD                      2001 – Norman Olson, MD                 2002 – Walter Gaines, MD
    2003 – Nancy Harris, MD                            2004 – Henry Mayer, MD                    2005 – Leo Bell, MD & Eldon Ellis, MD
    2005 Physician of the Century – Harold D. Chope, MD                                        2006 – Harry J. Buncke, MD
    2007 – Thomas Fogerty, MD                     2008 – James Hutchinson, MD         2009 – Fred Marcus, MD 
    2010 – Henry Hamilton, MD                       2011 – Josephina Enriquez, MD        2012 – Edward Hinshaw, Esq.
    2013 – Marc Jaffe, MD                                  2014 – Dirk S. Baumann, MD             2015 – James Missett, MD
    2016 – David Goldschmid, MD                  2017 – Bruce Allen, MD                       2018 – Michael Norris, MD
    2019 – Congresswoman Jackie Speier    2020 – No award presented              2021 – Afria Ahmed, MD
    2022 – Chester Kunnappilly, MD & Maya Altman                                                  2023 – Uli Chettipally, MD

DSA nominations are accepted year-round and 2024 candidates will be reviewed in September. To nominate a candidate, email with the name of you nominee and a statement of why your nominee should be considered with specific examples and details about the nominee’s achievements. Self-nominations are encouraged.