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Global Telehealth Seeks Volunteers - Opportunity for Retired Physicians

The Global Telehealth Network (GTN), based here on the Peninsula, is seeking physicians to provide online consults (through Zoom) for health workers who are on the ground with underserved populations when they need assistance in caring for patients with complex problems in three situations:

  1. Primary care physicians and Nurse Practitioners working in free medical clinics in California, including the 10 free clinics operated by RotaCare Bay Area, two of which are in San Mateo County (Daly City and Half Moon Bay).
  2. Primary care physicians working at hospitals in Tanzania and Uganda, who have great difficulty obtaining specialty consultations within their own countries
  3. Nurses who provide care for students and staff at schools in Kenya, Uganda, and Liberia, and who currently are working without adequate support by physicians

GTN would like to expand the panel of volunteer specialists in a broad range of disciplines to help the people on the ground get through this pending disaster – and to continue ongoing efforts to reduce health inequities in underserved areas.

At this point, the number of cases of coronavirus in Africa appears to quite limited, but we know that it’s going to hit them soon, and when it does hit, it will be devastating. They will need all the help they can get, not only with coronavirus but with all of the other health problems that they routinely have to handle without adequate support.

This is a great opportunity for retired physicians who would like to get involved in the fight against COVID-19 but may have an elevated risk due to age or existing medical conditions. Consults are all online and do not require seeing patients in-person.

Telehealth offers an opportunity to help with no risk or expense to the physician, but with enormous potential for preventing suffering and saving lives while working from home.

To volunteer, please contact Global Telehealth Network here or by email at