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Legislative Priorities

Protecting Physicians

  • Ensuring physicians are properly paid, including repealing the flawed Medicare SGR and replace it with a payment model that focuses on quality of care.
  • Protecting physicians from legal and regulatory threats, such as upholding the protections of MICRA.

Protecting Patients

  • Upholding high standards of care by ensuring that procedures and prescriptions are kept in the hands of trained physicans, not mid-level practitioners lacking the required extra education and/or training. 
  • Empowering patients by putting them at the center of their care, including advocating for qualitry-based physican payment models.

Protecting Access to Care

  • Protecting patient access to medical care, including defeating Proposition 46, which would have cost health care costs to incease by several hundred million dollars annually and caused some physicans to stop practicing or leave California due to the expected 400% increase in malpractice insurance rates that would have resulted.
  • Increasing access to care for all Californians by advocating for Medi-Cal payment reform.

Improving Public Health

  • Fighting for a smoke-free California, including helping pass several anti-tobacco bills in the 2016 legislative session.
  • Ensuring the safety of our children, including helping pass legislation that eliminated the "personal belief exemption" for childhood vaccines among public school students.