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Recent Legislative Victories

Here are some of the results of our 2016 advoacy efforts on behalf of Caliornia physicians and patients:

Improving Public Health: Tobacco

The following bills were all signed by the Governor in 2016:

ABX2 7 (Stone): SMOKING IN THE WORKPLACE: This bill eliminated most of the loopholes in the state’s smoke-free workplace law, preventing exposure to secondhand smoke at work.

ABX2 9 (Thurmond): TOBACCO USE PROGRAMS: This bill prohibited the use of all tobacco products (including electronic cigarettes, snuff, chew, and other nicotine delivery devices) on school grounds.

ABX2 11 (Nazarian): CIGARETTE AND TOBACCO LICENSE FEES: This bill adjusted state tobacco license fees to ensure that they cover the cost of administering the licensing program.

SBX2 5 (Leno): ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES: This bill redefined tobacco products to include electronic cigarettes created the necessary framework to ensure that our state’s law restricting youth access to tobacco products will extend to electronic cigarettes.

SBX2 7 (Hernandez): TOBACCO PRODUCTS - MINIMUM LEGAL AGE: This bill raised the minimum age to purchase tobacco products to 21.

Protecting Patients: Scope of Practice

The following bills were defeated in Senate or Assembly hearings thanks in part to our lobbying efforts:

AB 1306 (Burke): CERTIFIED NURSE MIDWIVES: This bill would have authorized a CNM to provide medical services and perform medical procedures without the clinical supervision of a physician, while failing to provide an equal level of consumer protections for women and families seeking gynecological, obstetric, and reproductive health care.

SB 323 (Hernandez): NURSE PRACTITIONERS: This bill would have allowed nurse practitioners to practice in specialties such as primary care, pain management and cardiology without physician supervision.

SB 538 (Hueso): NATUROPATHIC DOCTORS: This bill would have allowed naturopathic doctors (NDs) to independently prescribe all Schedule V controlled substances, as well as any drug approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration and labeled “for prescription only” or words of similar effect, except for chemotherapeutics.

SB 622 (Hernandez): OPTOMETRISTS: This bill would have allowed optometrists to perform delicate scalpel and laser eye surgeries, administer immunizations, and perform or order appropriate laboratory and diagnostic imaging tests.